Monthly Archives: November 2010

5 Weeks Old

At five weeks old, the puppies are all doing fantastic.  I’ve opened up their space so that they have their entire pen to play in and they’re using the extra space to practice their running, pouncing and wrestling skills.  They’re liking their puppy food more and more, so in the next week I’ll start slowly weening them off Willow’s milk.  Here’s a few shots:


Scarlet (left) and Gracie (right) enjoying their new bed:

The babies have realized that there’s more to the world than their whelping box.  Dominoe (left) and Jack (right) watch me in the kitchen:

Lydia, our 11 month old lab puppy is absolutely fascinated with the babies, and the feeling is mutual.  She’ll stick her head over the side of their pen and the babies all try to jump on her.  Here Rook takes a try:

and now Dominoe:


3 Weeks Old!

The puppies turned 3 weeks old on Friday, and they continue to grow and change every day.  They’ve started making very uncoordinated attempts to play with each other and are trying out their growls and barks.  Today they moved from the tub they were whelped in to a larger space where they have more room to practice walking and strengthening those little legs.  They also tasted “solid” food for the first time today, the first step in gradually weaning them off Willow’s milk, for which she will be very grateful!  Check out the “Available Puppy” page to see their individual 3 week photos.

Trip’s a Champion!

He did it!  Trip is now Champion Premiere Road Trip!  Yippee!  I’m so proud of my little man!  Next we can work on getting his Grand Championship, but I think we’ll give it a break over the winter and maybe start again in the spring.

Willow’s Hair Cut

Poor Willow!  Before the puppies were born, I needed to have her long hair shaved so that the puppies wouldn’t get caught up in it when trying to nurse.  I didn’t really want to bring her to a groomers and expose her to all those strange dogs just before having the puppies, so I decided to do it myself.  How hard can it be, right?  Uh huh.  I’m sure you see where this is going!  It ended up being very uneven and looked nothing like what a Havanese puppy cut is supposed to look like.  So, ever since, I keep trying to “fix” it and believe me, it’s not getting any better!  Willow has been very patient, but it’s become very apparent that I have no future as a dog groomer!  So if any of you come for a visit, please just tell Willow how pretty she is, and ignore her horrible hair cut!

Two Week Pictures

I just added some individual shots of everyone to the “Available Puppy” page for their two week birthday!  I’m having a little trouble with the format of the page, but I think you’ll get the idea.  Their eyes have just started opening in the last couple of days, and soon their ear canals will be open as well.  I love this stage as it’s when all of their little personalities start to show themselves and you can begin to get to know them on an individual basis.  Check in next week for week three photos.  You’ll be amazed at how much they will have grown!