5 Weeks Old

At five weeks old, the puppies are all doing fantastic.  I’ve opened up their space so that they have their entire pen to play in and they’re using the extra space to practice their running, pouncing and wrestling skills.  They’re liking their puppy food more and more, so in the next week I’ll start slowly weening them off Willow’s milk.  Here’s a few shots:


Scarlet (left) and Gracie (right) enjoying their new bed:

The babies have realized that there’s more to the world than their whelping box.  Dominoe (left) and Jack (right) watch me in the kitchen:

Lydia, our 11 month old lab puppy is absolutely fascinated with the babies, and the feeling is mutual.  She’ll stick her head over the side of their pen and the babies all try to jump on her.  Here Rook takes a try:

and now Dominoe:


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