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Available Puppies

The puppies are here!  2 boys and 2 girls arrived on 4/27/18.  All puppies are $2,000.  This will be a breeding with our own Bunny and GCH CH Honor If Life Gets 2 Hard 2 Stand – Kneel (Kneel).  Ready for forever homes around 7/7/2018.  Please contact us for an application if interested.  See Available Puppies page for pictures, pedigrees and health testing information.






Full Registration Vs. Limited Registration

The question frequently comes up what the difference is between full registration and limited registration.  “Limited” registration sounds kind of scary, but that’s actually the type of registration that is appropriate for most of our puppy buyers.  Put simply, it means that you are purchasing your puppy to be a pet and that you will not be showing or breeding it.  Full registration is needed if you are going to show your puppy or if you are planning on breeding it in the future.  Both types of registration are “AKC Registered.”   We do occasionally sell puppies with full registration, but only on a co-owner basis.

5 Week Portraits Are Up!

The babies turned 5 weeks old yesterday and they are growing so fast!  Their coats are starting to come in and they’re getting fluffy.  I gave them their first bathes and blow dry the other day.  Everyone did fine with it.  Paisley thought the bath was horrible but that hair dryer was actually pretty cool, so I guess he takes after his mother.  When I’m blow drying my hair in the mornings, Willow will come into the bathroom and have me blow the air at her while she rolls on the carpet so I don’t miss any spots.  Anyway, I posted their pictures on the “Available Puppy” page if you’d like to check them out.  I especially like the one of Chase who I think might have a future in doggy modeling:

 Too cute, right?

Three Weeks Old!

Wow!  Tomorrow the babies will be three weeks old!  Everyone is doing well.  Their eyes are all open and they’re starting to react to sounds.  They have tripled in weight, and in the case of one of the girls, Annie, quadrupled!  Their pigmentation is coming in nicely (noses and lips are changing from pink to black) and I can tell now that one of the white boys, Merlin, will actually have chocolate pigmentation.  I posted 3 week pictures to the Available Puppy page, so check them out.  We have 2 boys and 1 girl available at this time (we’re keeping an eye on Annie for show potential).  Comments are welcome!